Railway Speciality Services

Reconditioning Of Under Floor Wheel Lathes

RENMAKCH offers highly Skilled Technical Services for Complete Reconditioning of Under Floor Wheel Lathes Machines of any Makes and Types. We are highly experienced for this job and have developed all the Maintenance & Inpspection Infrastructure required for this Specialised work.

Annual Maintenance Contract Of Under Floor Wheel Lathes

RENMAKCH provides Technical Services for Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) of Railway & Metro Workshop / Depot Machines. The AMCs are of different types to suite customer needs, like; AMC with Service Support only, AMC with Service Support plus Supply of Essential & Optional Spares and Comprehensive AMC which includes Services as well as Spare Parts backup. These AMCs can be configured for different tenures as required; for 1 Yr. or 2 Yrs. or 3 Yrs. or 5 Yrs. or more, with or without Consumables Supply, as required. Trained & Experienced Service Engineers maintain the Machines on site as per the defined schedule, thereby helping the customers to Maintain their Capital Equipment in healthy condition always.