RENMAKCH India Pvt. Ltd.

RENMAKCH – Reliable & Trusted Partner for Your Manufacturing Needs
Redefining Innovation with Manufacturing Excellence and Comprehensive Solutions
Component Fabrication Expertise
Quality Fabrication to Drive Engineering Advancements
Machine Reconditioning Excellence
Revitalizing Engineering Machines for Optimal Performance
Next-Gen Driver Training Simulators
Global Collaboration for Cutting-Edge Training Solutions
MiniProf Rail & Wheel Profile Measuring Systems
High-Precision, Full-Contact Profile Measuring Tools for Railways, Metros and High Speed Rails
Global Innovation, Local Commitment
Dedicated to Advancing Rail Technology Locally and Globally
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Our Story

Navigating Excellence: Our Journey in Engineering Innovation

Reliable Partner for Manufacturers of Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Assemblies & Fabricated Parts and components.

RENMAKCH Established in 1996 is a Mumbai based MSME Company supporting various Industrial Segments and Foreign Companies in the field of Manufacturing of Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Customised Solutions, Spare Parts and related Technical Services. Having successful Make in India Joint Ventures with several European Manufacturers
Comprehensive Engineering Solutions

RENMAKCH at the Forefront of Crafting Excellence
Under the Make in India Initiative


From precision-engineered industrial machinery to cutting-edge railway depot equipment, component manufacturing, and bespoke custom solutions, Renmakch delivers excellence in every project.


Renmakch offers a diverse range of specialized services including machine reconditioning, annual maintenance contracts (AMC), spare parts provisioning, and precision calibration services for railways.

Training Solutions

Renmakch, in collaboration with LOGOS, Russia, manufactures cutting-edge Driver Training Simulators for Metro Rail, Urban Transport, and specialized vehicles such as Belaz Mining Truck, Timber Harvesting Vehicle, etc.

Product Sales

Explore Renmakch's range of calibration products for sale, featuring MiniProf solutions tailored for railway applications such as MiniProf BT for Rail, Wheel, Brakes, and Twin Head calibration systems

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