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Automation of Driving Grounds using Glonass/ Gps Navigation Systems

The simulators enable training and retraining of car drivers as well as preparation for category «B» driving license examinations


Modern road traffic conditions are characterized by high intensity, nervous strain in traffic jams and high speeds out of them, complicated traffic interchange, lots of road signs and advertisement, high cost of traffic accidents, insufficient driver training. All these factors necessitate search for new car driver training and driving skills control forms and methods.

The developed regulatory documents focus on the efficiency and objectiveness of the technical aids involved in training and driving skills control.
«Logos» Production Firm offers automation solutions for newly created and existing driving grounds.

The automated system integrates driving range elements into a unified complex turning it into the objective facility intended for driver training and driving skills assessment.

• Driving range is intended for driver training and driving examinations.
• The software is adapted to integrate the changes in qualification examination procedures to obtain driving license.
• It is possible to create training exercises with random traffic plan.

• Electronic queue management system;
• Identification of candidates by bar codes.

Basic Elements Of Automated Driving Grounds


Automated System Operation Principle

• Navigation satellite signal is received by the antennas of mobile receivers on training vehicles and fixed receiver of the automation system.
• Simultaneously the system collects the data from control sensors of training vehicles and traffic lights status data.
• Traffic situation inside and outside the training vehicle is video recorded.
• Then the data from the training vehicles and traffic light controllers are transmitted to the automation system via wireless network through
the access point.
• On the basis of the signal received by the fixed antenna the system updates the position of the training vehicle. The equipment applied enables vehicle positioning with up to 1 cm accuracy.
• The automation system supervises exercise execution and transmits the information to the instructor’s workstation.

Monitoring Line Crossings And Runovers

Monitoring of check lines crossing and runover is the key factor for examination.

Such monitoring is performed by premade electronic plot of the driving range with the following elements outlined:
• Traffic lane borders;
• Check lines of exercises and crossroads equipped with traffic lights;
• Contours of various structures;
• Boarding and unboarding areas.

The training vehicle is resolved by projection contour and location of wheel contact patches on road surface.


Basic Functions:

• Control over the condition of training vehicle modules;
• Display of the driving grounds plot;
• Control over the exercise progress;
• Records of the mistakes made by the drivers;
• Generation and printout of the report records according to the adopted methodology;
• Export of the exercise results to external data carrier;
• Exercise review;
• Setup of the driving grounds plot.


Basic Functions:

• Vehicle positioning, determination of heading and status of sensors (turn indicators, seat belt, parking brake, gearstick position) and transmission of the data to the control system;
• Remote engine shutdown by the instructor in emergency situations.

Training vehicle with driving control sensors


Easy To Integrate

• Modular structure of the traffic controller post equipment enables proper accommodation of the components required for a specific facility.
• Low-cost permanent equipment enables creation of driving ranges with small number training vehicles.
• No need in roadwork and no need in installation of extra wire lines enable integration of the system without training process interruption.
• The system enables creation of full-scale driving range on the basis of the site with any type of road surface cover, while several training areas
may be located within one site.
• Antennas are fixed on training vehicles with the help of powerful magnetic fixtures to facilitate installation. Internal equipment of training vehicles harmonically fits the car interior, sensors are not visible, on-board vehicle controller is located in car boot;
• Training vehicle preparation for examination is performed in several minutes. On driver training stage the equipment can be stored in traffic
controller post premises, which extends its service life.

Advantages Of The System

Use of precision training vehicle positioning system provides extensive potentials for its adaptation to perform various tasks, e.g. off-road or auto cortege driver training.

Reliable Operation

• The server is isolated for protection against unqualified user actions.
• Permanent equipment is fitted with uninterruptible power supply system.
• No elements subject to mechanical wear are available on site.
• Road surface repair is performed without system elements de-installation.
• The site can be cleaned and washed with mechanized equipment.
• Road controller sensor housings protect them against adverse weather conditions.
• The components installed in training vehicles, including onboard computer, are intended for operation within wide temperature range.
• On-board equipment is fitted with backup battery.

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Automation of Driving Grounds using Glonass/ Gps Navigation Systems