RENMAKCH India Pvt. Ltd.



Calibration Services for Railways

RENMAKCH takes pride in offering precision calibration services tailored specifically for the railway industry. With a focus on accuracy, reliability, and compliance, our calibration services are designed to ensure the optimal performance of critical railway equipment.

Comprehensive Calibration Solutions
RENMAKCH specialises in the calibration of essential railway components, including Railway Wheel Profile, Brake Profile, and twin head systems. Utilizing state-of-the-art Mini Prof instruments, we meticulously calibrate left and right wheel profiles simultaneously, guaranteeing precision and consistency in measurement.

Partnering for Quality
In our commitment to delivering excellence, RENMAKCH has partnered with Mini Prof, Denmark, a renowned provider of high-quality measurement instruments. Through this collaboration, we bring world-class calibration technology and expertise to the Indian railway sector, ensuring that our clients receive top-tier services that meet international standards.

Industry-Leading Expertise
Backed by years of experience and technical proficiency, our team of skilled technicians executes calibration processes with unparalleled precision and attention to detail. Whether it’s fine-tuning wheel profiles for optimal performance or ensuring brake systems meet stringent safety requirements, RENMAKCH’s calibration services are trusted by railway operators and maintenance facilities nationwide.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed
At RENMAKCH, quality assurance is at the forefront of everything we do. Our calibration services adhere to strict quality control measures, ensuring that all equipment is calibrated accurately and consistently. By choosing RENMAKCH for your calibration needs, you can trust that your railway equipment will perform at its best, promoting safety, reliability, and efficiency on the tracks.

Experience the RENMAKCH Difference
Experience the reliability and precision of RENMAKCH’s calibration services for railways. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive calibration solutions and discover how we can help optimise the performance of your railway equipment with our state-of-the-art Mini Prof instruments.