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Machine Reconditioning


Machine Reconditioning

At RENMAKCH, we specialise in the complete reconditioning and overhauling of machines, employing a meticulous procedure to restore worn-out equipment to its best geometric accuracy and production output. All aspects, including dismantling, scraping, part replacement, and assembly, are carried out in-house under strict supervision, ensuring the optimal outcome for your machines.

Reconditioning of World-Class Machine Tools:

  • Grinders: Cylindrical, Surface, Angular, Tool & Cutter
  • Special Grinders: Flute, Thread, Worm
  • Copying lathes & Center lathes
  • Milling machines, including Die Sinking
  • Gear cutting machines: Hobbing, Shaping
  • Press machines: Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Mechanical
  • Various CNC, GPM’s, and SPM’s
  • CNC Angle Heads and Live tools
  • Transfer lines
  • Plant Equipment: Compressors, Generators, Cranes
  • Retrofitting and Upgradation of machines
  • Manufacturing of Machine Spares (HMT spares Ex-stock)

Manufacturing of SPM's:

  • Erection, Commissioning of Machine Tools
  • Loading, Unloading, and Shifting of Machines
  • On-site Painting of Machines on Turnkey basis
  • Preventive and Annual Maintenance Contracts

Reconditioning Procedure:

  • Dismantling and thorough cleaning
  • Inspection and identification of parts to be changed
  • Grinding and scraping of all axes for geometrical alignment
  • Suited gibs and picturing of slides where necessary
  • Replacement of screw rods
  • Pre-assembly and reassembly
  • Electrical assembly/repairs, including re-wiring
  • Checking of geometrical alignments
  • Machine painting
  • Final trials at our premises in Asangaon, Maharashtra

Why Choose Reconditioning Over Buying New?

  • Cost-Effective: Reconditioning costs approximately 30% less than buying a new machine.
  • Extended Machine Life: Reconditioned machines can offer up to 5 years or more of production usage.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Restoration of productivity, production safety, and precision.
  • Increased Machine Value: The value of your machine is fully restored.

Benefits of Reconditioning with RENMAKCH:

  • Full restoration of machine performance
  • Additional options to adapt machines to specific requirements
  • Servicing at a fixed price, including on-site evaluation
  • Reconditioning at our factory by experienced experts
  • Use of original spare parts with maximum availability
  • Extensive output testing for the highest quality process
  • Guarantee on the entire scope of service

For more details on Machine Tool Reconditioning services from RENMAKCH, contact us at Elevate your machines to new heights of precision and productivity with RENMAKCH’s expertise.