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MiniProf BT TwinHead

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MiniProf BT TwinHead

In contrast to the standard single head MiniProf BT systems, the MiniProf BT TwinHead systems measure both left and right profile together. This makes it possible to obtain a highly accurate relationship between the two profiles, which is especially important in analyzing running characteristics for rolling stock using for instance equivalent conicity studies. The MiniProf BT TwinHead systems are available for rail and wheel profile measurements.

Two measuring heads

The MiniProf BT TwinHead systems are constructed similar to the single head systems, but consist of two measuring heads mounted on a fixed beam. The two opposite profiles are measured consecutively one by one. The measurements are stored and are accessible as individual profiles and together in pairs in one common coordinate system. This provides a high accuracy on the gauge and a precise knowledge of any rotation of the profiles which is a crucial part of any wheel and rail interaction study.

Equivalent conicity

With trains going faster every day, there is an increasing demand for better travel comfort as well as insurance of a high degree of safety. For this purpose, it is very important to look at the wheel and rail interaction, studying how the contact geometry behaves. The equivalent conicity is an extremely useful parameter when investigating this dynamic interaction between railway vehicle and track.

Scope of delivery

A MiniProf TwinHead system is delivered with the full Envision software package, BT and cable connection, video tutorial guides, software support and a customized and lightweight, rugged transport case with room for the measuring system and accessories for safe storage and transportation.