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RENMAKCH has signed a 10 Year Agreement in Moscow with LOGOS, Russia, to Promote & Manufacture Driver Training Simulators for various segments and applications in India and South East Asian Region.


Logos ranks leading positions in a number of areas related to production of simulation and training systems.

Key advantages of the company are use of high-tech products for effective training in difficult, sophisticated and emergency situations based on realistic modelling of the events and circumstances in a virtual environment.

The company has received a number of various industry awards, while seven of Logos specialists have been awarded the Prize of the Russian Government for Science and Technology.

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Simulation Products

Belaz Mining Truck Driving Simulators

Timber Harvesting Vehicle Driving Simulators

Urban Transport Driving Simulators

Metro Trains Driving Simulators

Double-Purpose Vehicles Driving Simulators

Special Signal Vehicle Driving Simulators

Driving Simulators for Cars and Special Service Vehicles

Automation of Driving Grounds using Glonass/ Gps Navigation Systems

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